Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend Getaway

We decided that the Weber family was long overdue for a real family vacation. So, this past weekend we packed up and headed for good old Newport OR. This may seem like kind of a lame vacation to some, but the kiddos loved it, and we had a great time spending money we didn't have :) The first stop was the Oregon Coast Aquarium.
Hailey was intrigued by the octopus, and loved to watch it move it's many legs. She also found it a little creepy at times.

Travis enjoyed just sitting back and taking it all in. He is such a happy baby!

It's hard to tell, but this picture was taken in the water tunnels, where you are completely surrounded by water and fish. She wasn't sure what to make of it, and got really surprised when she looked down and saw herself walking on water and fish...We got a good laugh at her expense.
I love it! My boys decided not to pass up this photo opp. They look like such dorks.

And this was Hailey living up the good life in our Hotel...Yes that's right folks, I said HOTEL! I make such a big deal about this because we are so cheap normally, that we would rather sleep at a rest area then fork out even 40 bucks! But for this short weekend getaway, we decided to go all out and actually stay somewhere kind of nice. It was a blast, and Hailey enjoyed having her own large bed to lay in. I enjoyed the cable and the gorgeous view of the ocean out the window. It was amazing.

After visiting the Newport ward on Sunday, we walked along the beach before heading home. It was a beautiful sunny, warm day; perfect for enjoying the beach.

Hailey decided to try and make a sand castle.

She got very wet and sandy in the process, so we decided to take off her pants...That was ultimately a bad idea.

Her finished product-Not bad for a first try.

And here Hailey decided to smash her castle, then roll around in its remains. She not only got sand in her mouth as you can see, but got sand in a lot of other unnatural places. She was very uncomfortable for a while as you might imagine. All in all, she really didn't mind. We had a great trip, and can't wait to do it again...When the Kidd's are a little older that is :)