Friday, August 29, 2008

A Mothers Worst Nightmare

Yesterday our baby girl had the worst accident of her whole 2 years so far. Those of you who know Hailey are well aware of how accident prone she is. Last Christmas she fell off the couch and broke her elbow. Well this year the poor little thing had a trampoline accident. Hailey was jumping on the trampoline with her cousins (one of her favorite things to do), when they decided to do what we call "butt drops". We are still a little confused as to exactly how it happened, but from what I understand she fell forward and the recoil of the trampoline put enough pressure on her forearm to snap it into a 45 degree angle. Her Uncle Mike ran inside with her and said..Umm this doesn't look good. Kelly and I gasped and ran out the door as fast as we could and went the Emergency Room. Hailey was amazing, and dealt with the pain amazingly well for about 3 and a half hours before they gave her any pain medication. She is a little trooper, she hardly cried at all, while I and her father cried plenty, and even tried to sleep while we waited to be treated. That little 2 year old is her mother and fathers hero. Today Hailey it getting a real cast on for the first time. I am scared to death about this whole situation, but we are hoping that all will heal back to 100%. I guess only time will tell, so stay tuned for updates!
Here is Hailey's before picture which still hurts me to look at. Now you all have a little idea of what we saw when her uncle brought her in to us. I have never personally seen such a horrific break in my life. Yes, her bone was protruding out of the side of her arm...Yuck! Thankfully it did not break through the skin or I'm sure I would have passed out.
Here is the after shot. Her break is still about a 15 degree angle which they say is fine. I guess as the bone heals and the child grows it will straiten out on its own in theory. We certainly hope this is the case, but I am of course a little skeptical about the whole thing, because this is my baby who is suffering. She is so cranky today, and we are supposed to go camping this weekend. I think we will give her a day to recuperate before we try to camp with her. Wish us luck!!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

At the West Coast Game Park Safari

Kelly and Travis showing off a Muntijac, one of the worlds most primitive deer

This guy was very intrigued by my camera. The park is full goats, deer, donkeys, llamas, geese, turkeys and other animals that you can feed and pet.

Hailey wasn't quite brave enough to feed the animals out of the palm of her hand.

Hailey and I held a baby opossum from nursery land. They had skunks, ferrets, and other small animals you wouldn't usually hold. We even held a lion cub!!!

Kelly found his long lost twin, see the amazing resemblance? This opossum was quite obviously cross eyed and blind, the poor thing. We had such a good time there with Hailey and Travis's Grandma, Aunt Lisa and Aunt Kari, and her cousins. We would strongly recommend this park for a fun safari experience, it really beats the Portland Zoo.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Travis's Blessing Day

So I apologize for the random order of the pictures. I am still learning how to blog, so forgive me for the strange things I do. This is a picture of Travis's Aunts- Kari, Alli, and Tricia at the BBQ at my parents house after the blessing. The food was great, the weather was great, and at times even the company, ha ha.

The Proud Grandma
Travis with Grandma Weber

Mommy, Grandpa, and Grandma Bevans with baby Travis

The Weber Boys
Travis with Daddy, Grandpa, Uncle Adam, and Uncle Wayne

My Little Guy in His Blessing Outfit
Travis was blessed in the same outfit his daddy was blessed in 24 years prior. It was fortunately a perfect fit! Grandma Bevans made the beautiful blanket to go with it. Aww, isn't he sweet?

The Blessing CrewBaby Travis with the men who blessed him...well those we were able to get a picture of anyway! We were missing a few people, but this was the basic group. His daddy was the only one I could manage to keep in church clothes, but then he is also the only one I have any control over. The blessing was great, and Kelly did a beautiful job (I was so proud)

Monday, August 4, 2008

I Hope They Call Me On A Mission!!!
OK Carissa, this ones for you. I just love this picture of my little man in his church clothes. All he needs is a "future missionary" badge to polish off the look. You know what they say, start them off young if you want them to succeed, so I'm starting now in the first month of his life to burn the idea into his mind that he will serve a mission!!! But seriously, it kind of makes me sad already that in 19 short years I have to let the little guy go for 2 whole years! I guess I'll bring myself back to the present now, and try to remember that he's only a month old :)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hailey Misses Cousin Ben!!!

Hailey thinks its been far to long since she's seen her favorite cousin! She often talks about, asks to see pictures, or pretends to talk to him on the phone. So for Hailey's sake, Ben come home soon!!! This video is for you little guy so you won't forget who Hailey is.