Thursday, December 8, 2011

The (almost) complete dinning room make-over

Remember this OK dinning room, but way too dark and blah? Well it has been much improved!

So here it is- my once bland dinning room is completely made over. I still have a few finishing touches (like pictures in frames and what not), but overall it is done and I love it! It is so nice to look in a room and smile every time :) And it is so much brighter and lovely. I am very proud, so here are some pics for those of you who have not yet seen it- enjoy!

Don't worry, my hutch is now adorned with Christmas items :) This picture is to show my little "family tree" I put together. Now if I could just find some pictures to put in it.

And we finally finished our faux wainscoting, and I think it looks great! It was super cheap to put up, and it really makes the room look more expensive I think. We cut a 1/4 inch MDF board into 4 inch strips, then lined the base board around the whole room. Next we put them horizontally in two foot lengths, then finished off by lining the top with the same board and putting a chair rail above that. I believe this whole project including paint may have cost about $100 or less.

And I am super proud of my plate collage! I really wanted to try one, and it was not easy...but so worth it. I may have put a few extra unnecessary holes in the wall during the creative process :) , but it was so worth it I think.

Now the room looked good without the curtains, but the gray curtains made the room! I was looking and looking for the perfect curtains, in more earth tones at first, until I found that gray little vase. It tied in the Gray and blue plates I put in on a whim, and made them really pop. I could not find anything I liked, until by chance I went to my Brothers home, and my lovely sister-in-law just happened to mention that she had some gray curtains she was going to return if I was interested. Well, I was...and they were perfect! I was hosting an event in two days, and they put the finishing touch on just in time. Thanks Alli!!!

And there she is-I just love this room!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

More catching up

Here are the much delayed photos of Hailey's first day of kindergarten. I took them with our other camera, and forgot. So here they are, wasn't she cute!

She was even more excited when we arrived at school!

We love this cute little girl.

Here's the family in our costumes at the ward Halloween party. Notice Hailey decided to wear more than one costume this year. She made an awfully cute Rapunzel too!

But Dorothy was my favorite costume she wore. She was perfect...

Even with this cheesy smile :)

This is our traditional Halloween meal. We eat sloppy Joe's, with Jack-o-lantern faces carved in cheese.

There are my three cuties at Grandma and Grandpas house, getting ready to head out trick-or-treating.


Captain Hook...

And our little snugly dinosaur!

The baby got heavy, so luckily we had Grandpa along to help carry the load. I think Grandpa got a snickers bar or two out of it :)

They had so much fun, and declared hat Halloween is their favorite holiday!

Here is some pictures from family home evening, when we decided to do some pumpkin bowling. The kiddos loved this simple homemade game.

And some cute Fall photos from home and a day at the park-

This was a fun little craft project we did one afternoon.

And Ryan, at 15 months, finally decided to start walking about a week ago, on November 19th or so.

This was the perfect Fall day at the park. I am so glad I got off my behind and took them outside, because it was wonderful!

My little daredevil

Drumming on a tree trunk

Chillin at home with their plums.

And Ryan is now climbing on everything, like our huge bed.

silly boy-

And he thinks he's a big boy that can sit with the big kids too.

Ww briought our Christmas toys and decorations out a bit early this year...yes before Thanksgiving, but the kids were so excited. We love Christmas at htis house!

And he recently started to pull up a chair to help out inteh kitchen too. The really do mimic everything their older siblings do, don't they.

Haileys pilgrim hat, so cute!

And turkey placemat from school.

And these were the pilgrim hat cookies we made for thanksgiving. Hailey and Travis had a blast making these.

Happy Thanksgiving!