Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spring Fun!

So here are some fun pictures from this spring, to update everyone on our life. I never blogged about Easter, so here are some cute pictures from that. The rest of the pictures are just for fun. I think my kids are pretty darn cute, and I want everyone to be able to enjoy some fun pictures of them. Enjoy!

Mommy and Hailey in our Easter dresses. (Every year that is what the Easter bunny puts in my basket bless his heart, a new outfit!)

Daddy and Travis in their Easter clothes, and looking oh so handsome.
Hailey in her Cute Easter outfit...I love pink and brown!

Even her dolly matched her, that was her favorite part (and no unfortunately I did NOT make the matching dress, they came together).

Hailey and Kelly did most of the egg dying, in fact Travis was taking a nap, but that was probably for the better.

With their Easter baskets.

My children's eating habits take after me. Trust me when I say they come by it honestly. Actually when Kelly and I first started dating, he would take me out to dinner a lot, and I dripped food onto my clothes somewhere every time. I guess it's genetic.

This is why I LOVE Spring. Hailey was totally fascinated with watching the tulips grow and bloom. I'm sad that they are all starting to die by now.
Yes, those are shorts and T-shirt in April....Sorry for those of you who have been experiencing snow.

He was learning the letters through osmosis. Yep, that's how my little genius's learn around here.
I Love his dorky smile...That's my Travis!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I cant believe how I've spent the last 40 minutes of my life...I know they say that two's are terrible, but at the Weber household two is just plain psycho!!!

It all started when Hailey refused to take a nap this afternoon, and worsened when I attempted to go grocery shopping a little later. A much desired peaceful shopping trip ended up with a screaming Hailey either on my hip or trying to jump out of the cart the whole time. That I could handle, but I must admit she was wearing me down. So around dinner time, Hailey came up to me and demanded that I take her to the potty and help her go. Now let me just clarify for those who think I may have overreacted to her demand. Hailey is perfectly able to use the potty all by herself, and had been doing so for months. She simply has a nasty streak in her, that tops the charts when she is tired.

Well, I told her "no", then pointed out to her that she did not need help, and the potty was just down the hall. She went crazy and began to throw tantrum after tantrum until she REALLY had to go potty. She was dancing around and holding her crotch, but refused to use the potty unless I carried her there and sat her on it. Well, that was definitely NOT going to happen, and the battle of wills continued. She even got so desperate for relief that she ran into the bathroom screaming to use the potty, then remembered that she wanted me to do it, and ran back out to yell at me! This happened about 3 different times, and I didn't quite know how to react to that... The girl in nuts. I was also taking care of her sick brother at time, and she was scaring him by screaming and yelling, and hitting me. When the hitting started, I put the baby down, and put her on time out...She didn't stay on time out of coarse, she just kept on hitting and screaming at me.

Well, I warned her that if she peed on the floor, she was going straight to bed...After holding it as long as she possibly could, I heard an "uh oh mommy!" She peed her pants on the floor, and was thrown into bed. She was so tired that she didn't even fight me too much, She tried to get out 2 0r 3 times, then gave up and fell asleep.

Can you believe that? I am so glad that that is over, but since she is clearly even more stubborn then I was as as child, I have my work cut out for me in the years to come I'm sure. Wish me luck!