Monday, June 22, 2009

Hailey's 3rd Birthday!!!

A few days before her birthday Hailey was lucky enough to get to celebrate with Grandpa and Grandma Weber. They came all the way from Idaho to visit with us for about 9 days, and the kids had a blast with them. Stay tuned for a future post about that visit.
Hailey opening her quite, shall we say unique gift...Good job Grandma!

It was a huge hit...Though it caused some of Hailey and Travis's first real sibling brawls :)

Hailey also got a shirt and vest that Grandma Weber made, and looked awfully cute in them if I do say so myself.

And Here is the birthday girl on the big day.

And the cake. It took me hours, but it was well worth the effort when I saw her face.
She woke up to use the potty around 12:30 at night, and she was so excited to see what mommy made for her. It was priceless.

Hailey with her buddies Bennett and Benjamin.

Hailey and her favorite cousin Ben, sharing a chair at the table (aren't they cute).

The kids had a picnic lunch and pool party in the back yard.

Thanks for helping out with the baby Ashlee and Carissa!


For the boys we had pirate party favors instead of necklaces, and even Travis got in on that action, Arrrgh!

Hailey's cousins and friends.

Hailey with all of her adorable and exciting gifts. She played for hours on her birthday after the crowds died down, and has continued to have a fun filled day of birthday toys today.

The pirate tea party.

It's her party, and she can cry if she wants too! Someone ripped the wrapping paper before she had a chance to do it...the poor dear, ha ha.

Ashlee was nice enough to catch me in a photo since I was pretty much behind the scene the whole time.
Later that night we had dinner with some friends and family. The party just never ended, and I am feeling the exhaustion today, let me tell you. It was so cute to watch "Friend" Ben and Hailey feed one another.

Some of the party guests.

And last but not least, Travis was so cute trying to ride his sisters scooter, saggy diaper and all. He had it all figured out, and was actually doing a pretty darn good job. He's so cute!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Memorial Day Camping

So this is obviously a late post, but here are some pictures of our beautiful weekend camping at Honyman. We love camping at Honyman, and enjoyed spending time with lots of family and friends. The weather was perfect, and the kids had a blast!
Travis pulling daddy's hair...notice the nice facial expression.

We hiked up Dinosaur mountain with the Krebs family, and sadly the little ones beat us up to the top.

My cute girl.

Hailey and "friend Ben" climbing on up.

Travis taking a nap outside...he slept surprisingly well with all the noise and smoke around him.

And lots of playing with her cousins and friends in the sand.

We can't wait to go again this coming Labor Day!

And finally, proof that Grandma climed a dune, Hooray!!!