Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hailey and Travis Pictures

Sorry it has literally been months since I have updated my blog, but I finally got really excited to blog about something, and made the time to do it. Anyone who has 3 children or more might understand why it has taken some time to get back into the swing of everyday life, but I think I am finally starting to adjust. Anyway, here are Hailey and Travis's 4 and 2 year photos that I finally got around to having taken a few weeks ago. They are so cute if I do say so myself, and Kristen Moss is very talented (Thanks Kristen!), especially to capture my little stinkers on film looking decent, lol. These were my favorites of the bunch, enjoy!

My cute little troll, ha ha! This is a classic Travis smile.

She truly loves her little brothers so much. Hailey is such a great helper with the boys.

Again, these are classic Travis and Hailey expressions...I love it!

I could never punish this face!

Senior pictures anyone, ha ha.

In true form-
Thanks again Kristin! I love these pictures.