Thursday, February 25, 2010

Friends, fun, and bit by a goose!

My friend Carissa and I decided to take the hour and a half drive to Roseburg on Monday morning, to see our good friend Ashlee and her two boys. Hailey was so excited she could hardly sleep the night before, and was having "good dreams" about it :) I am a good mother, and this is what Travis's car seat looked like when we arrived.

We visited at Ashlee's adorable home for a while, then set off for Wildlife Safari (compliments of Ashlee...thanks Ash!) The kids were having so much fun looking at the animals...

... But even more fun playing in the back seat together.

Trying to catch them all in one photo is near impossible.

We finally saw the hippo out of the water!

Travis spent much of the time on my lap with his face pressed against the window, pointing at animals. He was so excited to see the "horses".

My camera kept running out of battery power, but I snapped the photos I could. Thankfully between my friends and I we got a lot of cute pictures of our day together...I hope. Here were my kids and Bennett enjoying the playground in the village. Unfortunately Ashlee being the kind person she is had to head back early to babysit for a friend.

Why is it impossible for both of my children to look at the camera at the same time?

And the Goose bite! Yes my son was bit by a goose on the lip, and boy did it swell up. Unfortunately I didn't get a good shot right when it happened, so the swelling was much reduced by the time I took this pic, but you can see the outline of the beak on his face, lol
We were simply walking by a chain link fence with geese behind it, and my two children wanted to get a closer look. I reached to pull Travis back so he didn't get a finger bitten, and that's when that crazy goose launched through the fence at his face. I was shocked, and quite freaked out since I was standing behind him and had no idea what just happened. I couldn't believe it when I looked at his face, and some old women standing by got quite the shock as well.
I took him in the gift shop to find some help right away, and thankfully they were not too worried, and were all certain that he was bit by "Charlie". Now is it just me, or should they take that goose out back and shoot him since he clearly has a reputation. Oh well, They told me some medicine to go buy, and said he should be reassuring I know. Luckily I am a fairly laid back mama after all the random health problems my wee ones have had over the past 3 years.

We can all laugh about it now, and you will be happy to know that it did not make him afraid of geese one bit...Or is that a good thing?

Hailey also had a lovely battle wound on her face that day. Apparently she and her cousin Ben were on a chair, and Hailey was pushed off and landed on the wheel of a toy car on the coffee table. It left a perfect circular bruise on her face, and it was quite nasty looking. This picture does not do it justice.

But she was still smiling too.

My two beat up kiddos together...aren't they cute!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

February Fun!

Kelly and I had a $10 off coupon for Papas Pizza Parlor, so we decided what the heck! Lets take the kiddos and go have some pizza and fun.
Hailey invited Cousin Ben as her special friend. They had a blast, and enjoyed watching the other masses of children and birthday parties going on. Did I mention this place was 10x more white trash then I remember it as a kid :)

The play area was of coarse the hit of the night. The hard part for Kelly and I was keeping the baby out of the extremely hectic play structure. He wanted to do everything that the other two did of coarse.

I thought I might lose him in the ball pit, and I kid you not, when you thought there was only two kids or so in there, all of sudden like three more would arise from was so funny.

This was the only real picture I could get them to slow down long enough to pose for.

Kelly's Birthday: We celebrated Kelly's birthday last Thursday, and Hailey was so into making the cake. she got more frosting on her face then on the cake itself, but she sure had fun doing it.

The big 26! Ugh, we are getting old.

We also went bowling with our friends Jed and Amanda, but I forgot my camera (I was so mad at myself). Kelly won, which was fitting for his birthday, but the kiddos were on a team, and embarrassingly enough were winning up until the end.
This is what happens when you play peek-a-boo with cake in your hands...

That was fun to clean up.

And on Presidents day (being the good parents we are), we decided to take the kids up to the snow at Willamette pass. They loved every minute of it, and were so much fun.

Sledding was the hit of the day, and those two little ones have no fear.

So cute!

We were so glad we went, and will definitely do it again before the snow is all gone.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Potty already?

Travis came up with a new fascination to add to his list today. Last week it was climbing out of his crib, and this week I guess it is sitting on the potty! You can tell by his face that he is just thrilled to be a big boy up on the if he could only actually use the potty, hmmm.
I was making dinner when he asked if he could sit, and pointed toward the other room. I said "sure, you can sit," thinking he meant in his daddy's gaming chair in front of the T.V. He started crying when I led him to the family room, and ran down the hall saying "sit" then stopped in front of the bathroom door. I new what he wanted right away, so I put him up on the potty. He was happy as a clam for as long as I would leave him there.
Before we knew it sister had to come and use the potty, so I quickly set him aside, and guess what happened? He peed all over the floor. And to think he may have done his business in the potty if I had just waited a moment longer :) Oh well, at least the interest is there right.