Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hailey and Travis Pictures

Sorry it has literally been months since I have updated my blog, but I finally got really excited to blog about something, and made the time to do it. Anyone who has 3 children or more might understand why it has taken some time to get back into the swing of everyday life, but I think I am finally starting to adjust. Anyway, here are Hailey and Travis's 4 and 2 year photos that I finally got around to having taken a few weeks ago. They are so cute if I do say so myself, and Kristen Moss is very talented (Thanks Kristen!), especially to capture my little stinkers on film looking decent, lol. These were my favorites of the bunch, enjoy!

My cute little troll, ha ha! This is a classic Travis smile.

She truly loves her little brothers so much. Hailey is such a great helper with the boys.

Again, these are classic Travis and Hailey expressions...I love it!

I could never punish this face!

Senior pictures anyone, ha ha.

In true form-
Thanks again Kristin! I love these pictures.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Introducing...Baby Ryan!!!

After 38 long weeks of carrying this bundle of joy, he's finally here! This little guy was quite the little surprise early Wednesday morning. I had almost given up on going into labor on my own, and was scheduled to be induced Thursday morning...but at 4:20 am I finally felt what I thought might be a contraction. We arrived at the hospital around 5:30 am, and by 6:32 am we had our little Ryan Dean Weber-- weighing in at 7 lb 3 oz, and 20 1/2 inches long. We of coarse fell in love with him immediately, and he has been such a sweet little baby ever since.

Big brother and sister think he's pretty great (especially sister). Travis was excited for a moment or two, then he got over it, but I love his silly smile in this picture. Notice the cute shirt too!

I think Ryan has two mommies--Hailey is so cute, and he is her new baby doll I'm afraid. She was constantly wanting to hold him, and stroke his little face, and tell him "it's alright baby Ryan, it's alright."

The proud daddy, being a huge dork! I think it's a pretty cute picture though.

Isn't he the cutest baby ever! Of coarse I'm sure I have said that about all my babies. He really is such a good baby so far ( the whole 2 days we've known him anyway), and we are so overly happy to have him in our lives. Here's hoping 3 kiddos doesn't kill us off, lol.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer Happenings Part 1

Well, I haven't posted many pictures of my belly, so here is a pic for your viewing pleasure :) I am 37 weeks pregnant, and hopefully getting this labor and delivery started a week from today...My doctor is a saint! lol Can I really get any bigger?

Our son Travis is the definition of a terrible two! If we turn our head literally for 2 minutes or more, this is what happens. Travis really tries our patience, so it's a good thing he can be so darn cute even while getting in trouble.

Unfortunately these two stinkers could watch movies all day if we would let them. They really love watching movies together, which is nice at times for a very pregnant, tired mommy. I just wish they didn't enjoy the T.V. this much.

We have also had lots of fun at the park this summer, or just playing in the back yard. Hailey and Travis LOVE being outside.

Alton Baker Park is another favorite of ours..the geese are extremely creepy, but the kids love feeding the ducks as much as possible.

Travis got a new bed a few months ago, and loves being a big boy finally. He is a really good sleeper, and almost never fights us at bed time. I guess he does have his good points too :)

We went to the zoo the last week of school, thinking we would beat the crowds....we were dead wrong. It was so crowded, but the kids had a blast. We even got to see some dinosaurs, but Hailey and especially Travis were a little hesitant most of the way through the exhibit.

This is what Travis did almost all the way through...If he cant see them, they can't see him right?

And Hailey and her cousin Ben graduated from preschool. They did a little dance and walked over the bridge and everything. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen, but my camera died right when Hailey walked up on the bridge. I wanted to scream at my bad luck, and of coarse when I took her back up for a photo later, she was not into it, and forced a fake smile. You should have seen how her face beamed the first time, sigh!

And Kelly graduated as well, and with honors! He was also very cute in his graduation attire. My pictures are awful, but luckily my Dad got some great shots of the occasion. Now if we could just land a job...Actually, he still has a few years of school yet to go.

Kelly teaching Hailey the basics of shooting a gun (don't worry, it's a BB gun), and apparently she is great shot.

I had to throw this picture of Hailey dressed as a pioneer in, because she is so cute! We had a pioneer primary activity, and she was the cutest little pioneer you ever did see.

Happy 4th Birthday Hailey! Yes, my baby girl is 4...ugh I feel old.

She had a princess/knight party, and this is what she wanted her cake to look like. Not my finest work, but I was able to slap it together really fast. Cake is not as fun to make when you can't eat it...darn that gestational diabetes!

The kiddos had a water balloon fight in the back yard, and went through a bout 200 water balloons in a matter of minutes.

She got way too many presents (especially from Grandma), but she was not complaining.

Hopefully my next post will be our new addition! Stay tuned.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Summer happenings-- Part 2

So you may be wondering how you missed part 1 right? Well you haven't- This post was way too long already, so I decided to cut it in half, ending with the most recent event. I will hopefully post again next week. So, still to come: Hailey's B-day, Kelly's graduation, some cute summer pics, and some pregnancy pics. Enjoy!

We were fortunate enough to have a visit from Grandma and Grandpa Weber, and Uncle Adam too. Don't ask me how they avoid my camera so well, but I did manage to snap a few shots of Grandpa and Grandma at least!

We enjoyed a slightly windy, yet sunny day at the beach and lake Cleowox. The kiddos loved all the attention from daddy and especially Grandpa.

We also took the kids to the farm and picked Strawberries so mommy could make some yummy jam. You can tell that our Idaho family grew up on farms right :)

I mostly just took the pictures...

And Hailey and Travis mostly ate the strawberries.

Then we went camping overnight at Clay Creek to experience catching crawdads. I think that Grandma and Grandpa Weber and Uncle Adam really got into it. Kelly and Travis enjoyed the hunt too, but Hailey was not thrilled with the cold water, and mostly played on the shore.

What a dork!

so cute!

They caught quite a few crawdads in about an hours time. Grandma even took one home as a pet...At least I think it made it back home?

His face says it all--He had fun but did not know what to think of that thing.

Then came Travis's Birthday on July 3rd. We celebrated a day before with Grandma and Grandpa Weber. Travis LOVED his gift.

Birthday breakfast: Doggy pancake with strawberries and candy.

And I love this face he often gives when he feels like being a nerd for the camera, lol.

Perhaps you have noticed the many different hats this kid has been wearing. He is definitely in a hat fetish phase (and boots). He loves to wear hats all day, every day. Especially the cowboy hat we gave him for his birthday.

We had a toy story party since he is so into cowboys, so it was fitting that he got a Woody toy from Grandma Bevans. He now sleeps with him every night.

My boot cake creation. I was quite proud since I made the template myself. And the best part is that Travis adored it.

my cowboy with his cake.

We did fireworks in honor of Travis and had a BBQ at Grandmas house with his cousins. They were attempting to dance behind a strobe light, but it was kind of cheap and lame...You get what you pay for!

Hailey jumping over a firework after watching daddy do it--oops! That came out of nowhere.

My bigger dork.

Travis did not think this was as funny as I did :)

My little sniper with his pistol, cowboy hat and all. He got those boots from his friend Bennett, and they did not leave his feet that whole day. In fact we have to hide them if we want him to wear anything else. Thanks Hambeltons!

And we pretty much repeated the same events on the 4th of July as well. Good thing we had leftovers.

It got pretty cold at night, so the kiddos took turns snuggling with Grandma.

Daddy setting a bad example...But look at the delight in Travis's face

Lets just hope that Travis waits a few years before copying daddy like Hailey did.