Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Project update, and crazy kiddos!

So this first picture serves two purposes. Number one it is going to have to do for the before picture of our table that I forgot to put in this post. Number two, it shows what Hailey does all day long to drive me nuts :) Hailey can be a very helpful big sister, but she thinks she is "playing" with the baby, and he thinks she is trying to kill him, lol. This happens all day long much to my dismay, but occasionally she is good at entertaining him while I get things done.

All in all, she is a sweet little cutie who makes every day enjoyable (when she's not driving me nuts!)

This is the normal Travis. He does not go a day without a pirate hat, sash, sword, or another get up of sorts. I am often accompanied by a pirate while grocery shopping or taking Hailey to preschool as well. I love this phase and would not change it, but sometimes it can be embarrassing when he holds swords to the home teachers throat, or says "argh" at random strangers.

This was a rare shot of him without his garb, so I had to take a picture fast. Doesn't he look handsome in his little sweater.

Travis is also putting pirate hats on the baby as often as possible, so I had to add theses shots of Ryan for good measure.

OK, I am a horrible photographer, so my pictures do not do my projects justice I'm sure. This is our almost finished entertainment center Kelly built. Our computer is awkwardly in the pic, but it really looks nice and just needs to be distressed a bit. He does good work though right?

And this is the after shot of our new and improved table. Kelly made the new table top while I primed and painted 20 coats total of off white paint on the chairs and table. Now, it will have a bench on one side, and not 4 chairs where they are at in the picture. With any luck the bench will be built this weekend...if I get my way anyhow :)

And this is my cute scripture cover that I made last weekend. I found the easy tutorial at Delia Creates. I love to surf through different craft blogs and get ideas for fun projects. I really have the sewing bug these days.

And these are just some more fun photos of the kiddos in their daily life, and from when the snow came a few weeks ago. Enjoy!

I had lots of snowballs thrown at me that day

And Ryan stayed inside, warm, dry and fed with mama