Monday, January 31, 2011

"Decayed" apples

Who says T.V. isn't educational??? Not me, that's for sure, ha ha. The other day Hailey found a baggie of apples from last week in my church bag, and exclaimed "yuck, look at these decayed apples! Yep, these are definitely decayed Travis." I was walking by and overheard this short conversation between the two of them. I was a bit surprised at her word choice, seeing as words like "rotten" or "moldy" are typically used at our home. So I of coarse asked where she learned that word, and she said "Sid the science kid, when he was looking at decayed pumpkins the other day." I wish you could of heard the "duh mommy" tone of voice she said that in, lol.
Well, I have continued to be a terrible blogger, but I promise to update with some actual pics soon. Kelly did something to the computer (though he denies it), and I am having issues pulling up pics soooo, stay tuned I guess-