Thursday, September 24, 2009

First Day of Preschool

Last Tuesday was my baby girls first day of preschool. Wow, how time flies. I know it's only preschool, but it makes me feel old and nostalgic all the same. Hailey was so excited to go, and even more excited when she ran into cousin Ben on her way in. (Notice how she is all decked out in her fall leaf dress, since it was the first official day of fall :)

Hailey had to hang her jacket on the letter"H" of coarse, and Ben chose the ice cream cone.

When we came to pick them up, Hailey was a little booger! She was definitely ready for a nap, and was very upset that she did not get to paint. She thought she could have a turn doing everything before she went home, and mean mommy had to burst her bubble. This was the closest thing to a smile I could get out of her after the fit.

And the kiddos in front of the North Eugen High School sign. This is where I went to school, and preschool for that matter. It's fun to see toys and activities that I remember as a small child. Little Hailey grows smarter and more aware every day, and I look forward to watching her grow and develop even more this school year.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Idaho Vacation Part 1

Travis in the laundry hamper while I was packing. I love it!
For the first few days after we arrived in Idaho, we saw a lot of this...

and this...


and this!

We had a really fun time camping up in the mountains somewhere around Declo Idaho? (the poor town is so small it barely exists...though that describes MOST of Idaho right :) One afternoon we got bored and drove about 40 min. down the road to City of Rocks Idaho. It was really neat, and this was my favorite sight, do you see the face?
At least I was having a good time.

Uncle Wayne was a good sport, and took Hailey and Travis on MANY rides.

Uncle Chris, Aunt Charli, and cousin Logan were able to come for a few days too. We had a great time visiting with them, and getting to know little Logan.

These two were quite a pair--and so cute!

Does Kelly look like the cat that ate the canary or what!

We had a short, but great visit with Great Grandpa Weber, and took our 4 generation photo of coarse. Thanks for being good sports men.

And we went to Logan's first birthday party, and watched him be adorable for a couple hours.

Travis really liked Logan's gifts.

And Logan really liked his cake.

And whats this? Men clean? We had to get documented proof of this :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Idaho Vacation Part 2:

Ha ha Adam, I snapped a picture when you weren't looking! You just can't can't hide from my lens :)
So this is actually part 2 of our vacation, but the post was so long, I decided to cut it short. You can view part 1 next week. There were a few really hot days while in Idaho visiting Grandma and Grandpa Weber, so Kelly and his brother got out the pool. They only filled it about a foot deep, but that didn't stop the fun. Travis was not a fan of the FREEZING water, so Grandma was nice enough to snuggle him, and get him dry.

Poor Hailey was stuck in the middle of Daddy and Uncle Adam's water fight.

Hailey went to Grandpa for protection

This is her "the water is really cold" face. Is she enjoying herself in this photo? You be the judge. (I caught you again Adam)

Joining in the fight

And uncle Wayne was Travis's buddy on this vacation. Travis kept Uncle Wayne pretty busy entertaining him, but I think he didn't mind...too much

Hogle Zoo:
We swung up to Utah to Visit my brother Mike and his Wife Alicia. We intended to See my brother Mark and his wife Shauna too, but they were very sick (I hope you are all feeling better). Somehow however, we only ended up with one photo of Alicia, and none of Mike...How did that happen? I am very photo happy.

Any resemblance?

Me, Travis and Alicia in the ground hog holes.

I love these pictures of my little ones!

This was my number one memory of the Hogle Zoo from my childhood. I don't know why, but I guess these lion drinking fountains must have been very fun for me to use, and you know what...Travis really liked them too.

But he loved the Gorilla. The gorilla wasn't interested in the kids though. Travis was so cute, and he made a monkey noise every time he saw one.

Travis was obviously forced to pose for this picture if you couldn't tell, and Hailey would have nothing to do with it. Thanks Kelly for being a good sport.
Hailey was obsessed with finding an Elephant at the Zoo, and when we finally found him she was so excited. Not the best photo of the occasion, but I wish you could have seen her initial smile when she first saw him, because it was priceless.
Another crummy photo, but Travis loved the giraffes and wanted to look at them forever it seemed. They are rather odd looking creatures when you think about it.

Temple Square:
I haven't been to Temple square in years, and it was really fun to go as a mother. I finally get to take my children to see all of the great things my parents took me to as a child. But this time, I got to be the teacher, and it was a lot of fun. I love the Christus, and Hailey was really impressed by it. It was amazing how reverent the kids were while in it's presence.

I think this is one of my most memorable moments from the trip. Hailey was so excited to finally get to touch a Temple. She couldn't wait to get next to it, and when she finally did, she reluctantly stretched out her arm, and slowly and gently touched the Temple. She was beaming, and looked at us like she had been waiting her whole life to do that. And yes, she told us all about Marrying her cousin Ben on the way there, song and all :)

Ah the Temple doors. I have been told my whole life about how my great, great, great (I don't know how many greats?) Grandpa carved the doors on the Salt Lake Temple. My Mother always made us get pictures with the doors on our many trips through Utah. So here's for tradition.

It was a wonderful Vacation, and we really enjoyed seeing all of the family that we were able to. I have to tell you Grandma and Grandpa Weber, Hailey cried when she woke up in the car, and told us to turn around for at least an hour! She wanted to go back to your house so bad, and we had to work very hard at bribing her to stop throwing a fit. It took a very long time! We look forward to the next visit.