Monday, March 15, 2010


I posted with no pictures, and my lovely husband came back after me and added the nice penis shot--sorry! That one may be a little too revealing for most, but what can I say...He's very proud!

It's a Boy!!!

I had my ultrasound today and it is DEFINITELY a boy--His father is so proud! I have to admit that this is the first time my heart sank when I found out the sex, but now I am just as excited as ever. I was just so ready to pull out Hailey's adorable baby girls clothes, and do some shopping for some new girly outfits I have had my eye on at several stores. The good new is that I didn't have 1/3 of the clothes for Travis that I had for Hailey, so shopping here I come. I really like shopping for baby clothes if you couldn't tell. I guess I better get my sleep while I still can, because if this little guy is as active as his brother, I'm in for it...again!