Friday, November 6, 2009

October Fun

Brace yourselves for a lot of photos! We had a great time this Halloween season, and here the pictures to prove it. It all started with the pumpkin patch, although Daddy was not there to enjoy it with us this year (blast that schooling anyway). We planned to go with him another day, but then I got very sick (no, it's not swine flu) and we never made it :(
Hailey chose a much smaller pumpkin this year.

And Travis did a lot of tripping over vines and falling down, and a lot of pointing as seen here.

Hailey and Grandma on the Wagon ride to the pumpkins.

Judging from her face, cousin Emily was tired of taking Travis through the hay maze over and over, but he was loving every minute of it.

And here is the love of my life! Yes, he wore a mullet for me. This was our take on Joe Dirt, or just a really white trash guy from Idaho. This picture really does not do the costume justice...I will have to post a close up of his face so the excellent side burns can be seen.

And carving our store bought pumpkin. This was Kelly's last stitch effort to let the kiddos participate in our usual festivities. Since we did not get pumpkins from the pumpkin patch this year, Albertsons had to do. Again, I was very sick, and this was a miserable Halloween for me.

I think they look kind of similar, don't you?

Travis just wanted to touch the flame inside.

And their Halloween costumes. Hailey was our little pirate...

And a darn cute one at that.

And Travis was our unhappy little dinosaur. He hated the hood!

We just pretend that he was roaring, not crying.

Hailey was very excited that cousin Ben was a pirate too. In fact, I think that influenced her costume decision.

And boy did they score. And yes, we are bad parents who let our children gorge themselves on candy.

And our kids couldn't be happier :)