Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A super late Disneyland post (like 6 months late...oops!)

Prepare yourself for a lot of pictures!!! How can you post about Disneyland and not include many many pictures? Because my life is insane, it has taken me until now to get around to posting about our wonderful family trip to Disneyland just before Christmas 2010- There are so many that I left out...in fact I could do a whole other post, but for now, here we go...

As you can see we went with Grandma and Grandpa Bevans and the Walkers. It made the trip twice as fun for my kiddos.

Almost there!

Grumpy boy...I think he was upset that it was taking so long to actually get in to the park.

Way too excited :)

Excitement builds on the tram ride into the park.

Travis loved the princesses even more than Hailey I think

The cutest princess in the park

Notice the Santa hat on Mickey

Sweet kiss on the nose

The pirate island was the highlight of Travis's whole life I think.

His favorite princess I think. He kept running back up to her and getting in his cousins photos...oops!

I think I'm the only one in character-

Look at all that booty!

Aren't they cute? Notice what Small Worlds looks like at Christmas time. So beautiful!

I love this picture of my little girl.

He liked to kiss the characters, and it made for great photos

King Triton's Carousel

This is called sheer joy! They loved the ladybug ride in bugs life.

Ha ha, my favorite picture ever of my little bug.

On the pirate ship...the other highlight of Travis's life.

There was pirate music playing, and Travis danced almost the whole time. People on the ship were getting quite a kick out of him, lol.

You don't see these guys very often.

Ha ha!

My happy patient baby boy waiting for his sister at he Bibbidy Bobbidi Boutique! All of you who have little princesses must take them to this little beauty shop. It was well worth the money for the experience and look on Hailey's face.

She totally could have been pageant girl :)

The parade was fantastic as expected. I loved visiting Disneyland for Christ ma

This magical moment was when Travis saw his hero Woody in the pic. above. It was priceless, and made the whole trip worth it

Small World again

The amazing Christmas tree

Breathtaking isn't it! I love, love, love Sleeping Beauty's Castle at Christmas time. It was so beautiful, and the kids were so excited about it. Again, worth the trip.