Friday, October 23, 2009

Hailey comes home!!!

Hooray!!! Hailey finally comes home today, and we are so excited to see that little girl again after a week and a half. I can tell that Travis misses his sister, and before he knows it they will back to this...

and this. I know he looks upset, but deep- down I think he likes it :)

Don't worry Travis, sister is almost home!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Off to Disneyland!

I must be nuts, because I just let my little 3 year old go to Disneyland without me!!! I am still in shock at how brave I am to let her leave me not just overnight, but over 9 nights. Oh I have a feeling a lot of tears will be shed on my part over the next week and a half.

I know that Hailey is going to have the time of her life with her grandparents, and she was so excited to go. She is so stinking cute, so I know that every moment with her will be priceless for them. In some ways I sure wish I could be there with her, but I also am looking forward to 1 on 1 time with her little brother. I will post again in a few days, and that will be the moment of truth for how well I am really handling this.

On another note, I had to show this, being the proud mama that I am. This paper came home from preschool the other day, and I was so impressed that Hailey could write her name. She learned her letters at a young age, but I have not taught her how to write more than a letter "H", so I was quite impressed. Who new she could write her name? Certainly not Kelly and I. What a smarty. (She takes after her mother, ha ha )