Sunday, September 25, 2011

Quick update, and a reveal!

Remember this hutch I picked up on craigslist for $50? Well I am happy to show you the results after only a few layers of primer and paint...literally, that's it! Drum roll please...

And here it is, cute right? I love it, and it was well worth the few hours of work I put into it. Its amazing what a little pain can do...even the hardware was simply spray painted to give it some new life.

And while it popped on the red wall (which I loved), it really looks pretty on the new and much more vibrant yellow wall...I love how the new paint has brightened the room up-it seems so much bigger!

We love it, and are currently working on finishing up our faux wainscoting. I saw a tutorial online, and we are putting it up for super cheap, and so far it is looking great. I will post the results when we finish.

We had a great visit with Uncle Alex the first week of school, which was great for me. I didn't have to tote the boys along for a whole week (Thanks Alex). He was also my assistant painter, and put up with all my perfectionism and nagging. I'm not a control freak, I just like things my way, and know that no one can do it better than me :) He did say he never wanted to get married after what he had to put up with, oops! ha ha

This is the second or third day of school because my other camera has Hailey's first day of school pics on it, and as soon as I figure out how to get them on my computer I will post them. She looked so cute, and she was so brave and had no trouble leaving mommy at all. Sometimes I wish she cared a bit more you know, but I'm glad she is always ready for the next thing, and absolutely loves life. She is such a great, adorable, fun girl.

Another random cute picture of Hailey. Love the princess towel.

And Ryan has been loving summertime and the great outdoors. He is not walking yet, but loves to crawl around and get messy...especially with his food. We did finally cut his mullet, so I will post the new cut soon. These pictures are quite random, but I thought they were cute.

And while this is blurry, you get the idea...stamps up and down both arms. He is impossible to keep track of.

This boy always keeps us busy....but he's so darn cute and very sweet to his mama. We simply adore him.