Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Travis's 1 year photos--Our little cowboy!
Sorry these are blurry and not so sharp. We have no scanner, so I try to take pictures of pictures...I haven't quite mastered the art as of yet. I will post more of his pictures later.

Isn't he a cutie!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Longing for Fall

Is it just me, or is this weather reminiscent of Fall or what? I love Fall for so many reasons, and I tend to get a little giddy and impatient when I get a nice cool day like today. Fall is great because:
*The weather is cool, so I don't melt in my non-air conditioned house.
*I get to wear sweatshirts and sweaters, which ultimately means I get to hide my body, and bask in the sheer comfort and warmth of baggy clothes.
*I get to pull out my cute coats and jackets, as well as scarves and hats.
*Fuzzy socks and warm slippers are a must, and I love to wear those.
*Is there anything prettier than the array of colors we get to enjoy in the falling leaves, because I can't think of a thing.
* I love to bundle up my kiddos and go for walks in the cool fall breeze, and enjoy the scenery.
*I get to decorate my house with all of my wonderfully adorable Fall decorations, and enjoy them for a few months.
* Halloween and Thanksgiving come in the Fall, and any holiday involving candy or piles of food is a good thing :)
*After getting bored of my children's summer wardrobe, I get to pull out their new Fall/Winter clothes and enjoy seeing them in those (I love babies in sweaters!)
*School starts, so my nieces are not around to annoy me on craft day (I threw that one in for you Lisa)
*I don't have to shave my legs as often, because I get to wear long pants, skirts and boots.
*And finally, I get to pull out my oh so loved down comforter and snuggle in it at bedtime.