Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hailey, Hailey, Hailey...What a character this girl is turning out to be: So I know I blog about my little girl all the time, but she is so stinking funny and cute. Today we were at my mothers house, and Hailey was playing with her cousin Ben. It was lunch time, and Hailey was eating goldfish crackers which poor Ben had been coveting from the moment he saw them. I repeatedly told Hailey to share with her cousin, but she kept insisting that she wouldn't. At the same time her grandmother and I offered our own techniques for guilting her into sharing. Her grandmother told her that Santa was watching her, and would not bring her a tricycle if she didn't share. I told her that Jesus would be sad if she didn't share, so she should choose the right...Hailey thought for a moment, then politely offered her whole bag of goldfish to Ben. My mother and I looked at each other and I said "I wonder which statement got her to share?" Just then Hailey jumped up and down smiling and shouting "Santa, Santa, Santa." We of course laughed our heads off. I guess it's pretty sad that Santa has more pull in her life than Jesus...I guess we know what our next FHE will be about!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fun With The Kiddos

Hailey has been having the time of her life with the "cave"/"house" she and her daddy made out of the box our new water heater came in. Hailey's excitement level would make you think this was the greatest toy she has ever had...
Which makes me wonder why we as parents put out so much money on toys, when in reality children have way more fun playing with the boxes they come in.

Even Daddy got in on the fun...he was just a bit too big to fit in there with Hailey at the same time.
We are really enjoying this age and stage Hailey is in right now...She is so dang cute!

So our little man is already old enough to start eating baby food. Those of you parents out there can appreciate these classic photos of Travis tasting rice cereal for the first time. I almost felt guilty feeding the poor kid because he acted like we were torturing him. The pictures gave us a good laugh though...Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Our Disney Fanatic

Hailey has 3 current Disney movies she is obsessed with, and we are loving this phase! Hailey is very into Disney movies right now, and she is constantly quoting the most random things from the movies. My husband apparently babysits Hailey by sitting her down in front of Disney movie after movie. one morning I hear she watched Bambi like 3 times in a row. I discovered this when she started walking up to me and saying things like "Mother" in the same tone of voice Bambi does, or "bir-d" and "fl-ower, pirty flower."
Cinderella is another favorite. She has been Hailey's favorite princess since she discovered that princesses exist. She can watch this movie over and over if we let her. This morning she was watching Cinderella and acting out parts of the movie with her dolls. As she was playing she heard a clock chime in the background and exclaimed "oh that clock...killjoy!" It took me a minute, but if you recall at the beginning of the movie, that's what Cinderella says to the clock. It was so funny, I don't know how she picked that line out, I barely realized what she said until a few weeks ago myself.

Hailey also thinks that people are only beautiful when they wear dresses, because princesses always wear dresses. If we pick out a normal pant and top outfit for her she always protests and says "I'm not beautiful." It's kind of sad, and we constantly have to ensure her that she is beautiful without a dress!

We recently introduced Hailey to Sleeping Beauty, she instantly fell in love. She constantly dances around like Sleeping Beauty, twirling and singing the song from the movie. She also walks around pointing at things and saying "make it pink", or "make it blue." We get such a kick out of what she comes up with. This morning at like 7:30, Kelly and I woke up to Hailey singing from her toddler bed at the top of her lungs "I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream.." It was too cute. I hope this phase never ends because it is so much fun to watch her enjoy the magic of Disney. We at least have a few years left I hope, I will encourage it as long as I can.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hooray for Halloween

I love love love this picture of Hailey and Her cousin Ben. They were so stinking cute walking along Trick or Treating.
Sorry for the order of these pictures, they are a little mixed up. This was Travis's pumpkin that his father carved. He was very proud of his handy work.

Poor Hailey was so tired on Halloween, but was so excited to finally see what all this Trick or Treating talk was about. She got a little annoyed with all the pictures I made her sit through.

This was after Trick or Treating, my little cowgirl was super happy, and fully energized by her candy.

Hailey the Cowgirl and her Travis Horse...They were so dang cute I must say.

Mommy's pumpkin, then Travis's, and Hailey's on the right. She was so proud of our Jack-o-lanterns. She couldn't wait to see them all lit up.

I tricked Kelly into smiling for this shot. He thought he could stop smiling before I clicked the shot...he was dead wrong!

We had such a great Halloween, and our little Travis was the best baby ever! He was so good during the whole Trick or Treating thing. It's nice to have such a laid back kid.

Lone Pine Fun

So here are some more cute pictures of my little family. We decided to go with my sister and her kids to Lone Pine farm for some fun and photo ops. This was the best group shot I got of the kiddos. They had trouble holding still!

My husband actually smiled for a picture, hooray!

What can I say, we really had to go!!!

I love these pictures of my kids as ghosts...especially little Travis